Adam Tan
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Written on 31 July 2018
Hi, my name is Adam Tan. I am a full time digital marketer.  I was born in Sibu, Malaysia and grew up in a small city, Brunei Darussalam. I graduated from Curtin University. After completing my degree, I went to pursue my career in Singapore.

My first job was a piano salesman but it didn't last long. I got into recruitment ever since and I was making $5000++ per month consistently. There is a time in which I attended one of Robert Kiyosaki seminars and it strikes me hard. There are tons of people out there who are making millions of dollars in a single year. I did my maths and it will take me decades to reach such a milestone if I continue to be an employee.

And so I began to start exploring for other sources of income. I came across a young guy named "Peng Joon" while browsing through Facebook and this guy has been making tons of thousands in a single day entirely online. I started doing my research by purchasing online courses and attending seminars. Hence my online entrepreneurship journey has begun.

Stay tune for more updates as I will be sharing my journey on how I make my success via digital marketing.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Adam Tan
Founder of ATC Digital Marketing Pte Ltd
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